The Umbrian cuisine

There are many restaurants in Assisi, comfortable, with good service, good food and thus becomes a personal choice that can allow you to enjoy both the regional and international cuisine.
Typical dishes are always appreciated: the bruschetta, served with fragrant and light oil from the hills of Umbria, the Easter cake with eggs and cheese, until Brustenghi and rock, which are popular desserts. Good use is made of the nose, which is collected in the ravines of Mount Subasio to scent and flavor pasta dishes and roasts. Vegetables, cooked or raw, or the tasty ham can be accompanied to the "pie in the text."

A culinary tradition that, while remaining steadfast to the authenticity of products and recipes, not close to renewal. There is no shortage, therefore, more elaborate and varied specialties, delicate flavors.

Everywhere is well represented the cordial hospitality so typical of Italy, particularly in those areas. Careful selection of wines, white and red, regional or not, cheers the tables.

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